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The cub scouts, ages 6-10, are organized in a pack (gathering of wolves) and then in flocks of 6 elements. Their mystic is based in the Christian spirit of S. Francis of Assisi and in the experiences of “The jungle book” by Rudyard Kipling. Our cubs live their activities in the symbolic framework of the jungle book and with the guidance of S. Francis of Assisi. The color that identifies them is yellow that represents the golden sun, symbol of Jesus Christ. To the sea scouts the colors of the scarf are: blue from the sea, and also yellow.

This stage is the beginning of the path of education in our scout movement.

The Cubs main symbol is the wolf head they use also the great howl and the rock of counsel.



The Explorers are aged from 10 to 14 and are organized in an explorer group and then in Patrols of 6 to 8 elements.

The explorer has a passion for adventure and the desire for discovery, as the great explorers. Some of the role models in this section are: Neil Armstrong, Fernão Magalhães and the heroes of God’s People. The symbolic framework of this section is based on the holy land. The Explorers patron is São Tiago Maior.

The symbols of this section are: the stalk, the hat, the star, the canteen and the” fleur de lis”.

Our explorers live their activities in preference in the nature and have the “game” has the preferential way of learning and interacting with each others. In this stage the young boys and girls are guided in the way to develop essential values, social abilities and to give importance to the patrol and the group and feel part of them. Their color is the green that represents the hope that everyone has in them and the nature that is a marvelous work of God and was the place chosen by our founder to develop our scouting abilities. In the sea scouts the colors of the scarf are: blue and white.



The pioneers, ages 14 to 18, are organized in the pioneer community and then in teams. Their symbolic framework is the search for meaning of things and great works the reach for the impossible and S. Peter and his approach to religion being invited to follow is example in the construction of the church. Some examples of role models on this section are: Einstein, António Vieira Priest, São João de Brito.

The pioneers are challenged to develop their activities, with help of their leaders, always in search of adventure, self discovering and group union.
The Pioneers color is blue that represents the immense sky and ocean. In the sea scouts the colors of the scarf in this section are: white and navy.
The symbols are: the drop of water, which represents the importance of one in the group, the axe, the tool used to clear the way while discovering and the compass, represents the on going search of the path.



Rovers are aged from 18 to 22 and are organized in Clan that then divides in to tribes. There are invited to live in the light of the motto “New men for a new world” and have four dimensions of their scout practice: path, community, service and departure.

The Rovers are dared to live in those four dimensions by making their own path in the community with conscious of serving and knowing that one day the departure will come.
The Rovers are encouraged to live like S. Paul in his constant will to go further and spread the Word of God through the world. The symbols of the rovers are: bifurcated pole, bread, fire, tends, gospel and the backpack.
Some of their role models are: Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and Gandhi.
The color that represents the rovers is red. The red means the fire burning in their hearts and their own will to serve. In the sea scouts the color of this section is: blue

The departure is the moment when the boy/girl is in the end of his/her scout path, the new programme invites every girl and boy that join to the scouts to start his/her path with 6 years old on the cubs and then leave the scouts with 22, in the end of the Rover Section. With 22 years old and if the boy/girl achieved all the final goals of the Rover programme, he/she is ready to become a citizen of the world, an active citizen



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